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About us

The WhooshMC server is currently a build server on which we are building a post-apocalyptic themed map.
This map will be used for a custom game based on Battle Royale. Check out "about the future" for more information.
WhooshMC's team currently consists of one owner, two server developers, two web developers and a lot of builders (see "Team" tab).
We are always willing to expand our team, so if you're interested make sure to apply.
Since we are a small and unknown server, any help with making our server bigger is really appreciated!

About the map

The project was started and previously owned by N11cK and is currently owned by Lars_2000_.
The map will be an abandoned overgrown city located in Great Britain but not as a remake of an existing city.
Almost all buildings will have a visitable inside and their own unique interior. While building we try to make things as detailed as possible. Some buildings will be slightly damaged, some will be partially collapsed. The goal of this ammount of detail is that everytime you play another round, you will be able to discover new parts, chambers, entrances and walkways. This will ensure that this map will not be boring to play after just one or two matches.

About the future

The map will be used as a map in a Battle Royale like game (also hosted on WhooshMC). It will be playable with up to 100 people, but because of our unknown status the early games will start with a reduced amount.
There will also be a custom resource pack for weapons and special cosmetics for certain levels
Most game related stuff will be made possible by custom plugins.